It is situated in Italy, two steps from Rome in the region of Alto
(High) Lazio, more exactly in Bagnaia (Viterbo). The tower is the
ideal place to spend one or more nights in the quiet of an ancient
city very well preserved.

The building, dated from 900/100 AD is located inside the ancient
walls of the city, 200miles from the prestigious Villa Lante.
The architectural recovery of our abode has retained all the memory of
the original place, supplementing it with functional solutions
accurate and very pleasant to be lived in.The building is placed on three floors plus two of the lower wing of the house.
The maximum reception of the house is limited to six persons even to
offer you the most exclusive welfare.
Among the walls of the power wing you may penetrate into the
confidential Spa of the house or ask hospitality in the kitchen of the
landlord, Chef from delicate and very imaginative touch, maturated
during years of profession around the world.

By not finishing to amaze and enticed you, we propose to continue
to follow us in the Mediterranean waters embarking with us on the
B&B - Beatrice Boat

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Torre Beatrice
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